As a professional emergency/transport/ICU ventilator manufacturer since 2000, we promise to supply better ventilators in the future.
We have two models of ICU ventilators, JIXI-H-100 and JIXI-H-100A. Underhere is the comparison.
1. JIXI-H-100A has LCD display monitoring parameters, JIXI-H-100 adopts classical and reliable digital display.
2. JIXI-H-100A has larger ranges of parameters, including tidal volume, frequency, inspiratory time, trigger pressure, and alarm parameters, etc.
3. JIXI-H-100A has oxygen concentration monitoring function, the oxygen concentration of JIXI-H-100 can only be adjusted but not displayed well.
4. JIXI-H-100A adopts advanced all-electronic control mode, one-button shuttle knob operation, JIXI-H-100 adopts the combination of electronic and mechanical control, multi-knob button operation. 
5. JIXI-H-100A has self-check function when starts up. 
6. JIXI-H-100A adopts precise electronic control PEEP valve, JIXI-H-100 adopts external mechanical regulation PEEP valve.
7. JIXI-H-100A adopts double-circuit built-in breathing valve, JIXI-H-100 adopts single circuit and external breathing valve.
8. JIXI-H-100A has built-in Li-battery, which can work for more than 8 hours, JIXI-H-100 can only use AC power supply.