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Product:support arm

Model:used for JX100 and JX100A


It is used to support and fix breathing circuits of ventilators and anaesthesia machines. And it can also be used to support parts of other devices.

Technical Characteristics:

It is made of high quality stainless steel and natural polished. And it is corrosion preventing, non-fading, and durable.

Technical Specifications:

  • The total length is 140cm, the handle can be rotated and adjusted, and the rotation angle is greater than 225 degrees.
  • The first section is a fixed rod, which connects the ventilator trolley, the length is 12cm, the connecting end thread is M14 (the fixed rod can be customized according to different ventilator).
  • The second and third sections are support rods, the length of which is 42cm.
  • The fourth section is composed of connecting rod, flexible metal pipe and hook of breathing circuit, and the length is 46cm.
  • The length of flexible metal pipe is 15cm, which can be rotated freely at different angles.
  • The hook of breathing circuit can be used for adults (22MM), children (15MM) and other kinds of sampling tubes.