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Product:Emergency and Transport Ventilator



Used for first-aid, ambulances, emergency treatment and patients' transport in hospital.

Main Features:

1. Control modes: volume controlled & pressure controlled; Ventilation modes: CMV, A/C, MANUAL, CPR, ect;
2. It can be used for adults and children over 5kg;
3. 2.8' HD color LCD;
4. Timely dynamic display pressure histogram;
5. Easy to operate; Yellow, blue and green, the three-color blocks distinguish parameter ranges for suitable crowd;
6. Minute ventilation indication, setting parameters conveniently and quickly;
7. Adjustable peak airway pressure, with CPR function;
8. Oxygen concentration have two settings: Air Mix/No Air Mix; Saving more oxygen;
9. PEEP function;
10. Rechargeable internal Li-battery with large capacity; Stand-by time: >10 hours;
11. Equipped with multifunctional handle, which is convenient for ventilators to be fixed on various stretchers and sickbeds;
12. Adopt the latest integrated metal gas path structure, saving more gas with better compliance.

Technical Parameters:

  • Ventilation mode: CMV, A/C, MANUAL, CPR  
  • Minute Volume: 3~20L/min
  • Respiratory Rate: 5 ~ 40bpm
  • PEEP: 0, 5~20hPa
  • Oxygen Concentration: Air Mix, No Air Mix
  • Over Pressure Relief: no more than 72hPa
  • Working Time of Internal Li-battery: >10hours

Product Specification:

  • Size dimension of .mainframe: length * height *width 220*220*170mm
  • Weight of mainframe: 3kg

Service Conditions:

  • AC: 100V-240V.
  • Gas Source: 0.28~0.6MPa (pressure) Medical Oxygen
  • Gas Supply: Oxygen cylinder, Central oxygen supply.

Basic configuration:

Ventilator (with multifunctional handle), lung simulator, charger (optional multinational standards), headband, pressure-reducing valve (optional British/national standards), high pressure tubes, breathing circuits, mask, PEEP.