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Product:Emergency and Transport Ventilator



Used for emergency treatment, field first-aid and long-distance transport.

Main Features:

1. 4.5 inch LCD display screen.
2. Operation mode: JogDial, which is convenient and efficient.
3. Working mode: volume controlled, pressure controlled, time controlled.
4. Equipped with hang rack, easy to fix the ventilator in the ambulance.
5. Equipped with carrying bag, easy for transport.
6. Mainframe weights 3.5 kg, the overall weight is less than 8 kg ( with the carrying bag and all the accessories).

Technical Parameters:

  • Ventilation mode: CMV, A/C, SIMV, Sigh, CPAP, etc. 
  • Tidal Volume: 50 ~ 2000ml, digital regulation, precise and intuitive. 
  • Respiratory Rate: 1 ~ 100bpm..
  • Oxygen Concentration: 40 ~ 100%, digital regulation.
  • Synchronous trigger sensitivity: -19 ~ 19hpa
  • PIP: 5 ~60hpa
  • CPAP pressure: 5 ~15hpa
  • PEEP: 0, 5 ~20hpa

Monitoring and Alarm Function:

  • Multiple parameters monitoring and display functions.
  • Multiple alarm and prompt functions. 
  • Multiple security protection functions.

Service Conditions:

  • Power Supply: AC, DC, Build-in Li-battery..
  • Gas Supply: Oxygen cylinder, Central oxygen supply.

Basic configuration:

Mainframe of ventilator, carrying bag, silicone breathing circuits, oxygen cylinder, pressure reducing valve, high-pressure oxygen tube, power adapter, hang rack, etc.