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Product:Oxygen cylinder, pressure reducing valve, high pressure oxygen tube, etc.

Model:used for JX10, JX100C, JOGGER, JX100 and JX100A

Component Name:

(1) YQY-740A oxygen reducing valve                (2) YQY-710A oxygen reducing valve
(3) high-pressure tube(desktop ventilator)            (4) 2.5M high-pressure tube(portable ventilator)  
(5) 0.5M high-pressure tube(potable ventilator)    (6) 2L aluminum alloy oxygen cylinder       
(7) oxygen bridge                                                 (8) central oxygen supply joint

Technical Characteristics:

  • JIUJIUXIN ventilator can connect to all types of oxygen cylinders and central oxygen supply in hospital.
  • JIUJIUXIN portable ventilator is equipped with an aluminum alloy oxygen cylinder, which is light, durable and has no rust

Configuration Description:

  • JX10: (2)+(4)
  • JX100C, JOGGER: (2)+(4)+(5)+(6)+(7)+(8)
  • JX100, JX100A: (1)+(3)+(8)