At present, the weather is hot, but the sales of our emergency ventilator and transportation ventilator are still at the peak. As students have entered the summer vacation, some employees of the company began to plan to take annual leave to accompany their children to travel, and employees taking annual leave are also in the peak period. In order to protect the rights and interests of employees, the company agreed to their plan. Therefore, the company had to readjust its production plan to meet the market demand.
Now, in July, it's the middle of the year. Employees can take a rest, relax themselves, and travel with their children to increase their knowledge. It's really killing many birds with one stone.
Here, remind employees who go out to play to pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling, take necessary heatstroke prevention items, and pay attention to protect themselves to prevent COVID-19, so as to be happy and return safely.