An enterprise should not only develop a large number of new customers, but also maintain old customers, so as to develop steadily.

More than half of our products are sold to regular customers. One of the priorities of the enterprise management is to ensure that old customers are not lost.

Whether it is the customers who buy our emergency ventilator or transport  ventilator, we will contact the customers before sales to help them understand the parameters and use occasions of the ventilator and assist them in selecting the ventilator. After sales, 24-hour online service is provided to solve the problems raised by customers. At the same time, regular visits are made to customers and friendly reminders are given. Users are required to regularly test the ventilator to keep it in good condition for use at any time. For damaged machines, we usually only charge a small amount of material fees, mainly to solve customers' worries and meet customers' needs.

Meticulous service makes customers trust our brand and our products, and will not hesitate to choose our products in the final model selection. This is also one of the ways to keep old customers.