As we all know, the current domestic epidemic is relatively serious, and many regions have established mobile cabin hospitals to isolate people infected with coronavirus. As a hospital with exclusive isolation, it must be equipped with a certain amount of respirators. As an enterprise specializing in the production of ventilator for more than 20 years, jiujiuxin emergency ventilator fully meets the design requirements of mobile cabin hospital:
1. Jiujiuxin ventilator has built-in lithium battery, which can meet the emergency use needs of mobile cabin hospital;
2. Jiujiuxin ventilator is equipped with oxygen bottle, which can meet the needs of first aid and transportation in the mobile cabin hospital;
3. Jiujiuxin ventilator is equipped with a first-aid carrying bag for easy carrying, which can meet the needs of mobile cabin hospital and ambulance transfer;
4. Jiujiuxin ventilator can carry out 100% oxygen concentration pure oxygen ventilation, which can meet the needs of high oxygen concentration ventilation in patients with new crown;
5. Jiujiuxin ventilator has multiple breathing modes, which can be used in the whole process of first aid, treatment, resuscitation and spontaneous breathing;
6. The most critical point is that the quality of jiujiuxin ventilator is stable and there will be no chain drop during use.