At present, the domestic epidemic is becoming more and more serious. Many places have entered the closed control, people fight the epidemic at home, and there is a serious shortage of production personnel in production enterprises. Taizhou Justsends company, which produces jiujiuxin emergency ventilator, also encountered this situation. In the early morning of the 30th of last month, Hailing District, Taizhou City, the neighbor of Taizhou Justsends, announced to seal, control and prevent some areas, and put up a fence with our enterprise. More than 50% of our employees were isolated outside the free area and could not work in the company.

At this time, the company's production personnel were seriously insufficient, and the production progress immediately decreased, affecting the subsequent delivery date. In order to ensure the timely completion of orders, the company has taken the work that can be done on the computer and handed over to the employees who can fight the epidemic at home. The employees who can work in the company have been trained and enriched to the production line. At the same time, employees in the company are required to carry forward the spirit of not afraid of hardship and fatigue, reduce the rest time at noon, appropriately extend the off-duty time at night, and make up for the construction period delayed by the epidemic. The boss of the company promises that employees who work overtime will be paid overtime according to national standards, and all wages will not be reduced for employees who fight the epidemic at home. This fully reflects the company's responsibility and social responsibility. In addition to making profits, the company should also take its social responsibility. In this country's special period, enterprises should cooperate with the state and governments at all levels to do their own work, not to create chaos for the society and add bricks to the stability and prosperity of the country.

Under the epidemic situation, Justsends has played a corporate role with a sense of social responsibility and tried its best to complete the tasks assigned by the government. We are proud to be the employees of Taizhou Justsends. Our product jiujiuxin emergency ventilator will also win the trust of customers.