The UDI of JIUJIUXIN emergency ventilator includes automatic identification, data acquisition technology and manual reading. Automatic identification and data acquisition technology includes one-dimensional code, two-dimensional code or RF tag; Manual reading refers to the coded information that can be directly recognized by human eyes corresponding to the machine reading medium.

The UDI identification of JIUJIUXIN emergency ventilator of Justsends company will adopt a two-dimensional code, and there are four groups of manual reading numbers, (01) **************;(11) ******;(17)******;(21)**********. (01) there are 14 digits in the back. The first 12 digits are assigned by the code organization and belong to the global trade code. The last two digits represent the model of our company's products. Different digits represent different models, such as JIXI-H-100C, and the last two digits are 10; (11) The last six digits represent the production date, such as 220328, indicating that it was produced on March 28, 2022; (17) There are also six digits behind, which represent the expiration date of the product, such as 270327, indicating that the equipment should be scrapped after March 27, 2027 and can no longer be used; (21) at present, there are 10 digits behind, indicating the serial number, which represents the number of our company's products, and each product has a unique number.

Download a professional app and scan the QR code to get the relevant information of our company's emergency ventilator. You can also directly read the relevant information of this emergency ventilator from four groups of numbers.

Through a brief introduction, do you understand the UDI composition of JIUJIUXIN emergency ventilator and how to identify it?