On Friday, March 18 this year, our company received a batch of orders for jiujiuxin emergency ventilators  from a hospital in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. It is required to arrive at the destination on Monday, March 21. According to the normal arrangement of the company, it can be sent out as early as the afternoon of March 21.

From the communication with the other party, we know that this is a batch of urgently needed anti epidemic materials. The production department of the company urgently orders, notifies relevant personnel to work overtime, and strives to send it on Saturday, March 19, to ensure that it reaches the destination on March 21.

With the joint efforts of the company's production and inspection personnel, the production and delivery inspection were finally completed on the morning of the 19th and sent by express, which ensured that these emergency ventilators could reach the destination in time and contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

The picture shows the emergency ventilator in packaging