With the development of medical industry, the division of labor among various departments of the hospital will be more and more detailed. It has become the norm for patients to be transferred from one department to another, or from one hospital to another. In the process of transduction, the patient's accompanying equipment cannot be suspended, so the portable transport equipment is more important.

The JIUJIUXIN transport ventilator manufactured by Justsends company has become an indispensable member in the transfer process. In the process of transferring patients in most hospitals and ambulances, JIUJIUXIN transport ventilator is selected. This is mainly because our transport ventilator has the following advantages:

1. the product is small;

2. compact structure;

3. stable performance;

4. complete functions;

5. easy to operate.

As always, Justsends company will make continuous efforts to increase technical investment, improve product quality, enhance product image and make more users satisfied.