Taizhou Justsends company has another annual training season, and the company's human resources department has formulated a training plan according to the company's specific conditions:
1. training on national laws, regulations and policies, especially the newly published laws and regulations in 2024;
2. retrain and assess the actual operation ability according to the process documents;
3. conduct regular training and assessment for personnel at special posts;
4. retrain the company's operation process;
5. retrain the company's quality policy, quality objectives and procedure documents.
The main training purpose of the company is to improve the operation level and work enthusiasm of employees, improve the production capacity of ventilator, ensure the product quality of ventilator and protect the legitimate interests of users.
Through this training, the quality of the company's personnel should be raised to a new level to adapt to the new situation and lay a good foundation for the development of the enterprise.