To all customers of JIUJIUXIN emergency ventilator:
Thank you all the way!
Recently, I received a special letter from a customer who bought a unit of JIXI-H-100 emergency ventilator more than ten years ago. The special letter lets us meet and contact the customer who was not masked for the first time.
More than ten years ago, they purchased our JIUJIUXIN brand JIXI-H-100 emergency ventilator through other means. It has been used so far. The machine operates well and provides a lot of help to local hospitals. Now, due to the long time, the pipeline inside the emergency ventilator begins to age, and the emergency ventilator cannot continue to work normally. Therefore, they found us and hoped that we could help provide the pipeline connection diagram so that they could continue to use the emergency ventilator after replacement. To be honest, the service life of the emergency ventilator in China is 5 years, which shows that the quality of our machine is so good that it can continue to work normally for more than 10 years! Over the past ten years, this emergency ventilator has been upgraded and updated by us for several generations. It is difficult to find the original data, and the pipeline structure has changed greatly. It is actually very difficult to maintain. However, we are grateful for the company of our customers and for any trust in our products. After unremitting efforts, our engineers restored the pipeline diagram of this old model of emergency ventilator, and provided the information to the customers to help them as much as possible!
Here, I would like to thank each and every one of our customers for their trust and promise to provide the best service and guarantee to each and every one of our customers. We will accompany you all the way and pay tribute to each and every customer of JIUJIUXIN emergency ventilator!