Syncope, also known as fainting and fainting, is often caused by temporary cerebral ischemia and hypoxia, with a temporary loss of consciousness; while coma disorder lasts for a long time, usually in hours or days. So it is so important to prepare a transport and emergency ventilator in case of it.

Rescue method of fainting:

1. Make the patient lie on his back with his head lowered and his clothes loosened;

2. You can use your fingers to guide people's Zhong, Baihui, Neiguan, Yongquan and other acupoints;

3. When the blood pressure is low, it can be intramuscularly injected with 25 mg ephedrine or 0.25 g Anaga;

4. For syncope with unknown cause, it should be sent to the hospital for treatment soon. And connect a transport and emergency ventilator to the patient in case of danger;

5. When the patient is pale, sweating or delirious, immediately let the patient squat down, and then lie down to prevent injury caused by collision;

6. After the consciousness of the patient recovers, a small amount of water or tea can be given;

7. Inhale vinegar or amonia to revive it;