It is necessary to use a transport and portable ventilator for first aid.

From the perspective of patients' autonomous breathing, there are roughly the following types:

1. No spontaneous respiration; (CMV mode)

2. Have weak autonomous respiration; (A/C mode)

3. Self breathing is better (SIMV mode);

4. Very good spontaneous breathing (SPONT mode);

In view of the above situations, the transport and emergency ventilator for long-distance transportation must have corresponding breathing modes.

JIUJIUXIN transport and emergency ventilator not only has the above modes, but also has the functions of SIGH, PEEP, oxygen concentration regulation, airway pressure monitoring waveform, alarm, etc.

The above breathing modes and functions determine that the transport and portable ventilator can be used not only for general first aid, but also for patients with autonomous respiration respiratory treatment and recovery.