1. The MAC proportional solenoid valve control technology in the United States can realize one-step accurate adjustment of tidal volume and oxygen concentration in place (digital adjustment mode), without the need to detect/display the waiting time (this control technology is similar to the imported ventilator in the ICU ward in the hospital);
2. Proportional solenoid valve control technology of the emergency transport ventilator, with constant pressure/current function, will not be affected by external pressure/flow changes, and the output value of tidal volume and oxygen concentration is always constant;
3. Adjust the tidal volume of the transport emergency ventilator directly on the panel, and accurately control the output tidal volume value by the proportional solenoid valve;
4. Adjust the oxygen concentration of the emergency transport ventilator directly on the panel, and the proportional solenoid valve accurately controls the output oxygen concentration value;
5. JIUJIUXIN emergency and transport ventilator adopts American MAC proportional solenoid valve adopted, which has stable quality, maintenance free and consumable free. As the core part of the emergency ventilator, our company promises that if the part fails, it will be replaced free of charge for life without maintenance.