JIUJIUXIN emergency transport ventilator is equipped with 2L aluminum alloy oxygen cylinder as standard configuration.
Advantages of aluminum alloy oxygen cylinder for transport ventilator: light weight, high pressure resistance, long-term use of anhydrous rust and impurities.
The working pressure range of aluminum alloy cylinder is 15MPa (independent of cylinder size).
Inflation procedure of oxygen cylinder for transport/emergency/portable ventilator:
Close the valves of large and small oxygen cylinders - connect the oxygen bridge to the small one - connect the large one to the other end of the oxygen bridge - open the valve of the small oxygen cylinder - slowly open the valve of the large oxygen cylinder - finish the inflation - close the large oxygen cylinder first - close the small oxygen cylinder again.
1. It is normal that the oxygen cylinder is heated or accompanied with air flow sound during inflation;
2. When the air flow sound stops, it means that the pressure on both sides is basically balanced and the inflation is completed;
3. After inflation, turn off the switches of the big and small oxygen cylinders respectively, and then remove the inflation oxygen bridge;
4. After inflation, connect the pressure reducing valve to check the pressure in the oxygen cylinder;
5. No fireworks when inflating.