JIUJIUXIN ventilator, professional emergency ventilator used for ambulances!

Classification of ambulance ventilators

1. Electric controlled and Electric driven type: with built-in turbine;
1.1 Advantages: it can realize continuous regulation of oxygen concentration of 21-100%, and can be used in emergency when there is no oxygen;
1.2 Disadvantages: the turbine is expensive, and it needs regular maintenance;

2. Pneumatic driven and electronic controlled type: it needs oxygen cylinder drive and power supply connection;
2.1 Advantages: easy to use, good quality with competitive price, complete breathing modes, suitable for most cases;
2.2. Disadvantages: high pressure oxygen cylinder is required;

3. Pneumatic driven and pneumatic controlled type: only need oxygen bottle, no electricity;
3.1 Advantages: only need air source, no power supply;
3.2 Disadvantages: the oxygen consumption is large, and the function is very simple, which is generally used for short time in simple first aid for adult patients;