Installations of  invasive ventilator JIXI-H-100
1. Checking all accessories according to the checklist
2. Connect the gas source
Connect the Oxygen Pressure-Reducing Valve to the oxygen cylinder, and connect the 8*12 high pressure tube to the Driving Gas Input of the ventilator's back panel.
3. Install the support arm
Insert the support arm to the fixed block and tighten up the nut.
4. Connect the breath circuit
a) Take out a tube (the length is 0.45m, 22), connect one end to the gas outlet of the ventilator, and connect the other end to the inlet of the humidifier.
b) Take out a tube (the length is 0.45m, 22), connect one end to outlet of the humidifier, and connect the other to the water trap.
c) Take out a tube(22) of exhalation valve components, and connect it to the other end of the water trap.
d) Connect the mask or tracheal intubation to the outlet of exhalation valve components.
e) Connect the transparent exhalation valve controlling tube to the "Exh. Valve" in the front bottom of the ventilator
f) Connect the blue airway pressure gauge tube to the "Pressure measuring connector" in the front bottom of the ventilator
5. Connect the power source