The JIUJIUXIN emergency ventilator consists of Electrical and Pneumatic these two parts. The part of electrical controls the system operation and shows the ventilation situation. And the part of Pneumatic manipulates to control the oxygen flow, and show the airway pressure and over-voltage safety protection.
1. Electrical controlled part:
The collected pressure signal by pressure transducer and some related ventilation modes, respiratory rate, tidal volume and kinds of specifications regard as the input signal part; and then bring into microprocessor through data processing to control the motion time of the magnetic valve, to realize all kinds of ventilation modes and display related parameters, to realize the pneumatically driven and electrically controlled.
2. Pneumatic part:
The oxygen by reducing pressure passes internal stabilization plant through electric regulation of inspiratory flow, mixed gas by air and oxygen will be output from the vent to the patient's mouth by exhalation valve during respiratory stage, and the exhaled gas will be drained off by exhalation valve during respiratory stage.