JIUJIUXIN emergency ventilator has a variety of safety protection functions, which can effectively prevent human or machine failure from causing harm to patients.

The specific contents are as follows:

1. Airway pressure protection: The ventilator has a built-in pressure safety valve. When the airway pressure is higher than 72hpa, the safety valve will automatically deflate and open the automatic breathing channel at the same time to prevent over ventilation or air pressure injury.

2. Accidental shutdown or power failure protection: During the normal use of the emergency ventilator, in case of sudden power failure or shutdown, the ventilator immediately stops mechanical ventilation and opens the automatic breathing channel.

3. Parameter setting error protection: When the frequency and tidal volume are too large or too small at the same time, the ventilator will immediately alarm and correct the parameters of frequency and tidal volume to the common value.

4. Key lock screen protection: With this function, the screen of the emergency ventilator can be locked to prevent misoperation.