Dear Colleagues:
Here we warmly welcome Engineer Lu whom from Technological Innovation Department, Mr. Wang and Miss Sun whom from Sales Department to join our family of Taizhou Jiuxin Technology Co., Ltd, the professional emergency ventilator manufacturer founded since 2000. In order to thank them for coming, the General Manager Mr. Chang decides to hold a welcome party this Friday. Please look forward to it!
I. Purpose of Activity
1. Enriching employees' spare time, promoting mutual communication, guiding and alleviating work pressure;
2. Create a good corporate culture atmosphere, enhance collective cohesion and team spirit, and stimulate the enthusiasm of employees;
II. Activity Time
17-20 p.m., August 30, 2019
III. Place of activity
Baiweicang (Jiangzhou Road Store) 205 & 206 & 207 Box
IV. Active Objects
All company staffs
V. Activity Contents
Group dinner & game lottery
                                                  Activity Department of Taizhou Jiuxin Medical Technology Co., Ltd.