Early summer is a season full of sunshine and vitality. In order to increase the staffs' cohesion and the sense of cooperation, at the same time, to help them relax and enjoying nature during the tense work. On June 1st, 2019, our company held the theme activity of "work together to climb the peak bravely" to celebrate the 19th anniversary of Jiuxin Medical. The event consists of two parts, mountaineering and photography.
On that day, we met at the foot of the mountain and started off in two routes. The first route is relatively simple. Manager Xu leads the team. The second route is the usual route for donkey friends, and the general manger Chang leads the team. From the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, the whole journey rang with cheers and laughter. The sweat and encouragement of each other make the whole process full of warmth and pleasure!
This activity not only exercises the body, tempers the will, but also enriches the staff's spare time, and increases the spirit of teamwork!
According to the rules of the mountain climbing competition (see the company bulletin board for details), the first-place player can receive the cash prize from the Personnel Department. Ms Wang Juan from the Production Department won the first place in the competition. Please go to the Personnel Department to receive the award. Participants in the photography competition, please send the competition works to the Activity Department as soon as possible, until tonight. The results of the photo contest will be announced after the voting results come out next week.