As we all know, the PEEP function is important and useful for transport and emergency ventilators.

JIUJIUXIN JX100C transport and emergency ventilator can be equipped with PEEP function.

Other JIUJIUXIN transport/emergency/portable ventilators can also be equipped with PEEP function.

Control principle: when exhaling, keep a certain pressure (PEEP value) gas in the patient's lung to meet the needs of ventilation;

The function benefits of PEEP: it can avoid the early closure of alveoli, make alveoli expand, increase the amount of functional residual gas, improve the ventilation and oxygenation effect, and offset the endogenous PEEP;

Range of values: gradually increase from low to high, the PEEP value generally does not exceed 15cmH2O, and those exceeding 15cmH2O belong to high PEEP value should be used with caution; (the main indications of PEEP are ARDS and COPD patients);

Contraindications: severe circulatory failure, hypovolemia, emphysema, pneumothorax, bronchopleural fistula are contraindications of PEEP.

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