Sometimes there will be man-machine confrontation when the transport ventilator is used. The main reasons and solutions are analyzed below.
1. Reasons for patient
After the transport ventilator is replaced or the patient is moved, the patient's condition is unstable or fidgety, which is easy to produce man-machine confrontation. At this time, sedatives can be considered;
2. Reasons for the transport ventilator
The sensitivity of transport ventilator and the accuracy of sensor are not good;
3. Reasons for tube connection
There should be no air leakage in the tube connection. For example, air leakage may occur at the air bag of the patient's tracheal intubation. These factors should be avoided;
4. Adjustment of trigger pressure
The parameter is negative (-1 indicates the most sensitive), and the trigger sensitivity value can be set according to the strength of the patient's spontaneous breathing in the use procedure. The general initial value of the transport ventilator is set to -2;
5. Respiratory rate/frequency
It consists of two parts: computer control frequency and patient trigger frequency. The general total frequency is between 12-20 times;
The higher the patient's spontaneous breathing frequency, the less the transport ventilator control frequency should be;
The less the patient's spontaneous breathing rate is, the higher the frequency of transport ventilator control should be;
Therefore, in the process of using the transport ventilator, we should set the machine-controlled frequency corresponding to the autonomous breathing frequency.