Material Composition: aluminum alloy matrix, green anodized surface, brass material for inner cavity and connecting parts;

Components: CGA540 input interface, valve body, 1.5"seismic pressure gauge, and output interface with self-locking;

Interface Specification: air inlet G5/8, and air outlet M16;

Intake pressure: 15MPa (1MPa = 145PSI) ;

Working Pressure: 0.4MPa (preset, no need to adjust) ;


1. Built in pressure relief safety valve, safer to use;

2. Piston type pressure reducing structure design, stable output pressure;

3. The air inlet is equipped with bronze filter to extend the service life;

4. The air outlet is designed with one-way valve, which is convenient for disassembly and safe for use;

5. Small volume, light weight, simple operation and preset working pressure;

Applicable Model: JIUJIUXIN transport/emergency ventilator JX100C and JOGGER.