Material: PSF and silica gel;

Components: breathing valve cover, breathing valve body, silicon diaphragm;

Interface specification: 22/15mm of patient end connector;

Main features:

1. Diaphragm valve with low impedance and high efficiency;

2. The gas inlet and patient end interface meet the international general ISO standard;

3. It has pressure measurement port and breathing valve control port;

4. The exhalation outlet can be connected with an external PEEP valve;

5. The patient interface can be connected to the extension tube for convenient nursing;

6. The valve body can be supported by one hand to facilitate the use of first-aid;

7. It can be sterilized by high-pressure steam up to 137°C;

Applicable models: JIUJIUXIN emergency/transport ventilator JX100C, JOGGER and JX100.