It's getting cold. Come to know how to maintain the lithium battery of JIUJIUXIN emergency ventilator in winter!

1. If the temperature is lower than -5°C, take the emergency/portable ventilator to the room for storage;

2. Try to charge the transport/portable ventilator indoors (the voltage and current of on-board inverter battery are easy to be unstable, the charging is slow, and the battery cannot be charged at low temperature), and ensure that the ventilator battery is fully charged at ordinary times; if the temperature is lower than -5°C, the ventilator can be taken indoors for storage;

3. JIUJIUXIN ventilator has multiple power modes (battery/AC/DC) to ensure that all power modes can be used normally, just in case;

4. Check the battery performance of emergency/transport/ICU ventilator for more than three years (method: fully charged the ventilator, set it to the normal parameters, only power on but not ventilate, and check how long the ventilator can work continuously). The battery with good performance can work for more than 8 hours. If the time is less than 5 hours, consider replacing or standby a battery;

5. The above methods can also be applied to other lithium battery equipment;