As a professional manufacturer of emergency ventilators, transport ventilators and ICU ventilators, we insist on bringing reliable and cost-effective products to our customers.
    Now, due to the needs of the company's development, we decide to reserve human resources for the Sales Department of company through the paper-based questionnaire.
   We sincerely invite all colleagues to participate in this examination on "Domestic and Foreign Trade Related Knowledge of Emergency/Transport Ventilator", which not only provides a platform for companies to select talents, but also for colleagues to show their talents. We hope that our colleagues will actively sign up to build a more competitive, passionate and challenging new future.
1. Registration time: 2019.10.8-2019.10.9
2. Registration Address: Human Resources Department
3. Examination time: October 10, 2019, 2:30 p.m.
4. Examination Address: Conference Room on the Third Floor
Human Resources Department, Jiuxin Medical Technology Co., Ltd.