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Product:Emergency Ventilator



Used for first-aid and transport on various occasions.

Main Features:

1. Easy to operate, easy to carry.
2. Has the function of security protection.
3. The main components are imported high-end devices, which can run stably and reliably for a long time

Parameters and Functions:

  • CMV, adjustable respiratory rate, adjustable I:E, adjustable tidal volume.
  • Build-in relief valve, which will deflate automatically when the airway pressure is too high, avoiding the injury of over ventilation.
  • In the process of using, the ventilator will stop ventilating immediately and open the autonomous airway when it is suddenly shut down or power cut.

Product Specification:

  • Size dimension of .mainframe: length * height * width 380x120x240 mm
  • Weight of mainframe: 3kg

Service Conditions:

  • AC: 110V ~240V, DC: 12V.
  • Build-in Li-battery: 12V, 2Ah, working time: more than 8 hours.
  • Gas Supply: Oxygen cylinder, Central oxygen supply.

Basic configuration:

Mainframe of ventilator, breathing circuits, pressure reducing valve, high-pressure oxygen tubes, power adapter, mask, etc.